Hdtv system success


just hooked up a theater with a denon 2200 dvd-a and sacd, pioneer 64"hdtv rp monitor,jvc s-video vcr,denon 1804 receiver, and a zenith hdtv directv box. it all worked together very well! the zenith hdtv tuner has a hybrid mode that displays incoming 480i @ 480p and 720p and 1080i @ 1080i through the componet cable. you can leave the box in "hdtv" all the time. pioneer tv will adjust 480p to your favorite picture ratio. than automaticly change to full screen when you goto a channel in 720p or 1080i. no more playing with ratio between channels. when the zenith and the denon dvd are connected through the componet switch in the denon receiver, and both the componet from the receiver and the s-video from vcr is connected to vidio 1 on the tv. all the switching is done with the audio receiver. i set this system up for an older couple, and it was a no brainer to use, even for them. anyone else getting good results with other combos of equitment?

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