Pioneer PRO-730HD Elite


Big Ben
I just bought a pro-730 64" from tweeter. I got a REAL good price plus a $1000 rebate from Pioneer. Does anyone have any input as to how to setup the picture?ie color,contrast,etc,etc... I'm using digital cable (no hd yet) and a panasonic dvd/vcr combo. any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

Travis Jacob
I just returned my 730 I thought the picture was fuzzy. I had Satellite with S-video connection.
I played with the picute night and day and never got it right. Covergence is blinding in muti point
I got $5000.00 back in my pocket and I'm looking for the best TV I can get LCD, DLP, Rear Pro, Plasma, I just want the best for the money. I hope you have beter luck with yours...If any one has a suggestion for me post it. or am I crazy for returning the Elite.

Steve A.
Travis: You're not crazy to return. I'm on my second TV from Circuit City and am about to return it as well. I'm beginning to think my expectations are higher than what is available. But like you said, you want the best for your money. I"m now thinking of trying the Hitachi 32HDT50 or 42HDT50. I"m running out of options however. It may be back to the 25" Sharp tv!!

most pioneer rptv's are not set up right from the factory. the convergance seems to be way off, and there are areas of the picture you can't fix in the user menu. somtimes focus is not good across the hole screen. and the picture is not centered right on the screen. it usualy takes me about 2 hrs to get it looking good. these tvs have alot of potenial. but you must have a tech tweek the setting in the service menu. get a qualifyed tech to do this.(not BOB the apliance repair man).

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