Mitsubishi reliability (WD-65100)


I have owned Mitsu TVs since 1980. Never had a problem. Ever. Our new WD-65100 DLP unit ($13,000) is very unreliable. I started to say it is pure crap, but the fact is, the picture is awesome. The problem is that it only runs for a few months at a time, then my dealer sends it to some outside repair shop somewhere where it sits for months waiting for parts.
My Mitsu factory rep has told my dealer that he talked to me twice. It never happened. My dealer gave me the rep's phone number and he won't return my call. If I ever speak to this guy, what should I say?
We love the TV but it has blown up twice. Repairs took 10 weeks the first time. Now, the second repair time has entered it's second month. No word on when to expect it back.
I think they should keep the TV and give me credit toward a different technology. They are apparently giving up on DLP. The model was discontinued after one year.
I am very very upset. Anyone have real-world suggestions? I know where to shove the TV; I need to know something that I can really do.

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