Mts feature on toshiba 27a43 not working


I just received a new Toshiba model 27A43 TV.

I cannot get stereo sound from the TV.

When I tune to a channel broadcasting in stereo (verified on another TV), it is in mono on the new Toshiba TV.

When I select recall on the remote, it does not display "Stereo" on the screen, it only shows the time, channel and rating of program.

When I select MTS on the remote, it only shows "mono" on the other options are available to toggle between.

When I read the owners manual, troubleshooting section, "No stereo or SAP sound from a known MTS broadcast" it only says "Make sure MTS is set properly."

How do I set the MTS properly when the MTS button only offers mono as an option?

Any help getting this TV to produce stereo sound would be greatly appreciated.


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