How is standard def TV on the Sony GWIII?


John S.
I would like to hear your experience with standard definition television (cable or sat) on the new GWIII models. For some reason, the retailers near me only have HD/DVD signals hooked up to their GWIII. Plenty of wow factor but not very realistic given the average joe's TV viewing habits.

In addition, how are the stretch modes on the GWIIIs? The Pioneer Elite line of RPTVs are on my short list, mainly due to their excellent stretch modes. A comparison to the Elites in this regard would be most helpful. Thanks.

John, I purchased my 50" grand wega at Tweeters in Newport Beach. I looked at this set several times, and knew this set offered the best picture for the price and size. I was considering the 55" elite, or mitsu, but didn't want to give up the 30" depth they demand.
The mitsu is the best at a 3D image, (Monday night football is jaw-dropping on this set as my friend has one) but the Sony is very close.
The best result for stretch modes are based on what you're watching.For instance, full mode is the choice watching sporting events in non hd if you want to keep up on stats(info mostly at the bottom of the picture), but wide-zoom is best for most other programs.
Standard definition on my set is Dish Net., and although a bit soft, very easy to watch.High def. is thru off air(Radio Shack) ant. and the pix in nothing short of awesome!I'm waiting for Dish N to offer the super dish and the new converter with dvi out and I'll never leave the viewing room.
Good luck,

I just purchased the Sony KF-50WE610 last Saturday at Best Buy in Glendale,CA. I was very happy and excited until I hooked it up to my Direct TV standard definition receiver with Monster standard component cables. The picture was very pixelated and it just amplified any and all signal issues from my satelite. I have since hooked it up with a S-video cable and inline signal booster on my satelite coax. This did help but I am still not really satisfied with the Standard picture. Football especially looks fuzzy and out of focus on Sunday Ticket and/or local channels. The wide zoom mode is very nice but it does strain the Standard signal quite a lot. I guess I am going to have to shell out the extra cash for an HDTV receiver with the DVI output. Not sure if this will help the non-HDTV channels or not but I sure hope so. I was even thinking about running new (better) coax cables from my 3 LNB dish.

I also have had about 10-15 dead pixels in the last 6 days. So I had Best Buy home service come out and they said I could either return it, get it exchanged for a new one, or get a better deal. I opted for the exchange. They are bringing me a brand new one on Monday. I understand that LCD sets are going to have some dead pixels but at this rate there would be whole parts of the screen out in a few years... They said it may have gone through a rough shipping before I received it. If this new set still gets the bad pixels I may just return everything and just get a small 34" widescreen tube. :( The normal rear projection is out of the question for me because of the limited viewing angles and terrible glare in daylight.

I also have a Sony progressive scan DVD player hooked up with the Monster standard component cables and the picture is truly amazing at night or day from any angel on my l-shaped couch setup! I had to set the default setting to Standard and turn on the mild mode, then everything looked sharp and crisp and extremely bright. The reason I puchased this TV was because its brightness, clarity, and colors were much better than the Samsung DLP and I could not afford a Plasma of this size.

The Sony is still my choice out of anything that is currently out. If anyone has any suggestions about improving my Direct TV picture please let me know.


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