DirecTV HDTV Tuner vs. Other Tuners


I'm going to upgrade my DirecTV to HDTV. Their package includes triple LNB multi-satellite dish, installation and tuner, all for $399. I'm also adding an outdoor, multi-directional antenna for OTA HDTV programs. Since I've seen other tuners for $450 to $800, what will I miss (if anything) with the DirecTV tuner? Will appreciate your comments and input before I sign up. Thanks!

Nothing. You are getting a good deal. Just make sure it has the HDTV outputs you desire (Component, Copy-protected DVI, VGA and/or 1394a).


What brand receiver is it?

Thanks, Derek. I haven't seen the receiver yet but the photo in the website looks like a Philips that has been discontinued (according to what I saw on another website). I'll take good note of what you suggest and access the website you gave me. Thanks for your help!!!

Gerry Brown
Found out from DirecTV today (and I did order the package) that they provide the Samsung SIR-TS160 tuner that was featured in the Home Theater review. As an alternative, depending on what they have in stock, they supply the Hughes HIRD-E8, which the article says is the source for the Samsung. None of the three tuners offer IEEE 1394 connection. When the time comes, maybe I'll buy another tuner. For now, I get to play with new toys!

I wouldn't worry about the missing 1394. It looks like Mitsubishi and RCA are the only companies trying to put that jack on every HDTV. The DVI and component should be all you need. DVI has the same data but doesn't require compression. 1394 seems to be the standard for D-VHS.

This link says the Samsung's DVI is HDCP compatable. This is the only STB on the market that allows you to have DVI/Component and Composite/S-Video running at the same, at least until the Sony SAT-HD300 comes out. That will allow you to make standard definition recordings without having to switch off the high-def connector running to you HDTV - like I have to.

You should be in good shape.

Hi, Derek...Tuesday I get a Sony KF42WE610 Projection LCD monitor delivered, Wednesday I get the DirecTV HDTV package installed. The new satellite dish and the Samsung tuner were delivered today, haven't had a chance to open boxes yet. I'll use a Monster Supreme DVI-D M/M Digital video cable from the tuner to the monitor and S-video for the DVD to the monitor. For starters, I'm going to use a Terk TV55 to get OTA since I'm at a high elevation and within sight of the main broadcast antennas. This is going to be quite an adventure for the bedroom (!) and will probably teach me some lessons for bringing the living room into HDTV-land. Will keep you posted! Thanks.

I'm in a quandry. I recently purchased a Mitsubishi LCD HDTV. I currently am a DirecTV subscriber and I'm considering upgrading to DirecTV's HDTV $399 package but as a current subscriber, I can get DirecTV's HDTV kit installed for $49. We have an old Sony DirecTV receiver which is set up using the Radio Frequency (RF) feature that we like. I don't know if the Samsung or Hughes receiver that DirecTV is offering has the RF feature. We are leaning toward the Sony SAT HD300 because it does have the RF feature. But more importantly, do you know if using the RF, must the HDTV and receiver be directly connected in order for us to view HDTV programming on the LCD? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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