Toshiba 57HL83 LCoS Rear Projection TV


John G
What is the status of the new Toshiba 57HL83 LCoS RPTV? It was supposed to be out in September 2003, but I can't find one anywhere. A clerk at Best Buy told me they are on order but doesn't know when they will show up!

The 2003 57" and 65" LCoS HDTV monitors have been placed on indefinite hold, due to a parts shortage.

I was bummed to hear about this delay. I ordered 3 TV's back in August with the expectation of a September delivery, but then I was made aware that they are on hold, indefinitely. The frustrating part (aside from the fact that I build custom cabinets with the expectation that I would have this exact TV) is that Toshiba is really not providing substantive information (I believe) and more accurate delivery timelines for the folks who have actually ordered. Bummer.

What is the difference between the 57hl83 and the 57hlx82?

I have been doing some searches on the internet and I have found the new 57HL83 for sale on a number of different sites. Are they now in full production or are these products back ordered? Also, has anyone heard of any other companies that are working on a three chip projection TVs?

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