Sun's down


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Username: Dusty1980

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Registered: Jul-09
all channels on 110 ,119 are not working right now .............anybody else having problems

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Username: Frobi

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Registered: Aug-06
Nova down too om 110 1nd 118

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Username: Plymouth


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Registered: Jan-08
Solaris down!

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Username: Lauchie411

Inverness, Nova scotia Canada

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Registered: Jul-09
i have a couple 300 channels working plymouth on solaris

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Username: Brucester

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Registered: Jul-06
my solaris is down this is the crappies box i ever got i would not reckemend this box to anyone i had this box for 4 months now i have not watched one program with out it freezing its fustrating to watch tv this way and i dont go complanning at the nfusion you will get band this is my opinion this is no way to watch tv.

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Username: Plymouth


Post Number: 10604
Registered: Jan-08
bruce l

My solaris work very fine since this morning, the server goes down in the night, I hope they repair it very fast.


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Username: Minetcalin

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Registered: Sep-07

I tend to agree with you. I never know if it is the wireless, the net, Nfusion ... finally I pop a dvd in the player.
I have one Solaris and no other will come in this house.

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Username: Getmo96

Post Number: 161
Registered: Jul-08
Mines down too, red light is off.

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