S-video to component??


Jackie White
I have s-video coming out of my HTIB to the tv and I have component on the tv,but not on the HTIB.Does anyone know of a converter for s-video(out of the htib) to component(input,at the tv)?
If I do find one will I lose any picture quality using the converter?

There realy isn't any advantage to converting S-Video to Component. The advantages of component, low color noise are wide bandwidth, will be limited by the source (S-Video). Component can also show progressive scan video. A line doubler/scan converter can convert the S-Video to Component. The picture will look smoother, slightly brighter and have no horizontal (blinking) scan lines.


Jackie White
Thanks Derek for the info!!Maybe you can help.I am wanting to go to HDTV shortly,would a cheaper plasma be better than a expensive big screen(55-57")?Trying to learn as much as I can,but there are so many opinions out there,it is hard to decide??
I have a Denon DHT-700DV htib,I just got a Hughes HDVR2 satellite receiver,Tivo,when I connect the audio to my htib thru the optical connection(at the sate receiver),will it be necessary to buy the more expensive fiber optical cable or will the less expensive cable work ok??I mainly just watch tv,I sometimes watch PPV movies,mostly sports and racing!!I have a DVD player and as of having the htib for 3 months,I have yet to put a movie in the player.

Plazmas' big advantage is size and to a lesser extent, wider viewing angle. The RPTVs are much cheaper, potentially sharper, consume less power, usually have more inputs, have more versitile speaker setups and more and more have HDTV tuners. They're just giganticly bulky.

Use either cable. It dosn't make a difference.

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