Integrated HDTV with Dishnetwork necessary?


We are about to purchase a 65 inch RPT. A major question is do we get one with integrated HDTV or not? The price difference is several hundred dollars. We are looking at the Toshiba 65H93 versus the 65H83. We watch a lot of Dishnetwork and use DVD player often.

According to Dishnetwork, we can purchase a HDTV decoder/satelite system that will work with a HDTV compatible (not integrated) TV. So I wonder what the point is in getting an integrated decoder?

Is there any other performance issues now or in the future that we may sacrifice by not getting an integrated HDTV?

Any advice on this as well as product advice is welcome. Thanks

I purchased a 57" RPT 6 months ago without the built-in tuner..My cable company provides the HD set top box, and i think it would be necessary to have the set top box regardless if you had an integrated HD tuner or not...No need to spend the extra $$$, IMHO

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