Mitsubishi WS-A55 HELP!!!


I bought a WS-A55 at Best Buy for $1100. It was an open item and damaged in shipping. The speaker screen was ripped about 4 inches and a couple chunks of wood were out where it got hit. I bought it thinking I could easily fix these minor cosmetic problems. The TV worked fine in the store and there was nothing wrong with the screen. When it was delivered, it had a scratch on the front "protective screen" and a small crack (about an inch) in the second plexi-glass screen. If I take the second screen out and replace the "protective screen", will this affect the picture? If so, what else can I do? I was also considering acrylic aquarium scratch buffer to get the scratch out of the first screen. Was this a deal or should I send it back? Thank you to anyone that has any input.

James did you report the extra damaged to the store? Maybe they will give a price adjustment for the extra damaged.

I did call and they sent a tech out. He wouldn't fix it because it is "cosmetic". I will try calling the store for the price adjustment. Thanks for the suggestion. Right now I just want to figure out what it will take to fix it so I can decide if I want to return it or not.

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