Pioneer Elite PRO630HD v. Mitsu 65-511


I was all set to get a Pioneer Elite Pro630HD in the $3,000-3500 range for my new home theater/family room in my basement. I was offered a 2003 Mitsu 65-511 for $2,499 incl tax and free shipping, however. Since size isn't really an issue (and the P.E. Pro 730HD is too expensive), I am wondering what to do as this seems like a good deal.

I am very impressed with the Pioneer Elite and have yet to see the picture quality of the Mitsu. I am wondering just how good a deal this is since the Mitsu has a built in HD tuner that I can use for over the air broadcasts (Cablevision, my cable provider doesn't offer HD network signals on a regular basis).

In addition to my DVD Player (Panasonic DVD-RP91), I'll be upgrading to HD cable from Cablevision as my main sources of viewing input.

So, what should I do???

Who offered this price? Is it from an internet source? Maybe so, maybe no. Give more info


The price came from an authorized Mitsu dealer that I am working with on home theater cabinetry. He is trying to clear out his stock in favor of the '04's (which I hear are considerably better). I am just wondering if the cost savings justify the presumed drop off from the Elite.

The Mits at that price is going to be hard to beat. The newer units may be better, but the price tags are going to be higher than 2400.00 out the door. Ask them how much the 513's are going to be. That should help a little

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