Is it worth it to get a 3 year sevice plan for my new MIT55413?........


I am about to buy a Mitsubishi 55413. Tweeter offers a 3 year service plan for $350. They will maintain the tv coming out once a year to clean it and look after any other problems. Is there much upkeep to these units?

Tim Smith
If you are around Chicago area, ABT Electronics (a huge retailer) offers 3 years extended free, and they generally haggle very well. I am getting my 65413 for under $2500 with the 3 years free (didn't even have to ask for discounting). They may do a similar deal online (

I would never suggest getting a high dollar extended service plan they are just a profit maker for the seller. As Tim said if you can find someone offering it for free then it is a no brainer!

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