Phillips 55PL9773 vs SAMSUNG5067 vs RCA Scenium HDLP 50W151


Have to decide on one of this soon! Features-wise the RCA seems a clear winner with various types of inputs and a built in tuner. Am I missing something here? Have seen the Samsung, looks great. Have not seen the Phillips, hear it is great. But why not the RCA? Thx in advance for all your input

John Greer
Sound and Vision Magazine has posted reviews of the Toshiba 57HX83, the RCA Scenium HDLP50W151, and the Philips Cineos 55PL9773 on their web site "". Look under HotTopics "3 Roads to HDTV". All the new technologies have down sides. I want a big screen HDTV but can't afford a big plasma (they have their down sides too!) and don't want a 300 lbs behemoth CRT RPTV, so I have settled on the Cineos, if it ever show ups at Tweeter!

Thanks for the link, John. Did read the article you suggested, quite informative.
I spent a lot of time reading the various threads on In fact a heated discussion on the RCA HDLP's. I have still not decided on which one I will go with. Plasma's have burn-in problems, CRT rear projections have convergence problems, LCD projections have bad viewing angles, LCD's are expensive and are small, regular tubes are heavy as hell. DLP's have some problems too, mirrors getting stuck, etc. I will more than likely chose the DLP's, possibly the Sammy.

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