Do I Wait to buy a new TV With HDTV Tuner?


I was told that I need An LCD Screen if I am going to game alot. No problem. But If I go LCD Do I wait to get one with the HDTV Tuner Built in Like the New KF60 XBR 990?(9??) It would have the controversal DVI plug Correct? What would the built in tuner do for me? We watch DVDs and have DTV sat.(old rca unit)
WOW TVs Have Changed in last 8 years.

Appreciate any help


Most cable companies and some sattelite companies make you "rent" their converter tuner to enable you to get PPV or premium channels....So i feel it is redundant to purchase a built in HD tuner...My cable company provided me the HD cable box, and so far, so good

Thank you for the reply....anybody else??

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