AKAI PDP4294 EDTV Is HDTV Upgradeable????


I have a couple of questions about this tv??
The tv specs is thats an edtv, but when i look
in back off the tv the 2 component inputs says
480i, 720p, 1080i, isnt 720p & 1080i HDTV resolution???
So what i mean is if i get an HDTV Directv receiver it would actually be shown as HDTV 1080i
right??Using component input 1.
Or a dvd player in the component input 2 would be 720p?
But lets say if im only using the S-Video input
it gives me only 480i EDTV.
Or am i totally confused.
I would love to get some help becuse i liked the picture on it and the model.


It accepts the higher res signals/info as inputs but scales them down for display.

Have TV hooked up to HD Cablevision and get great reception on HD channels.

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