57" Hitachi - Which to go with???????


Hey all, I am real confused and need some input on choosing the right HDTV. I am looking at 57" Hitachis, but do I go with F500, S500, S700, or last years' SWX20B, XWX20B??? Too many choices, not enough knowledge. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

I own the 57" swx20b, absolutuely the best for your $$$$..The new model that replaces last years one, will not be as good, as Hitachi is using less expensive components in an effort to more price comepetetive....

OIC - Had to happen sooner or later I suppose. I REALLY think Hitachi has the picture going, what are the significant changes from last years models? Where do I still find last year's models?
Does the swx20b still have all important outputs? Thanks for your input!

here is the latest...

What is happening is the top of the line 65"will continue to have the
best CRTs, but the price is coming down. So the new 57" 57T750 will include
a built in HDTV tuner for over the air and Firewire connections for taping
HD (there will be hard drive HD recorders and Tivos) plus some new stuff and
it will cost $3999.99 (street price around $3500). The new version
65" is down from $5500 to $4499..a full thousand dollars less!

The model one down, which is the equivalent of the swx20b is the 57S700. It will
also have a built-in HDTV tuner for over the air, and be digital cable ready
for unscrambled channels. It also has 1080P as opposed to the 1080i my set
has so it upconverts even higher resolution than mine 57" swx20b. It has a 5 element
Super Contrast CRT system which while not quite as good as my swx20b, from the
people who have seen it should be just about as good so I wouldn't worry
about that factor. It also has a slot so you can put your digital camera
card in and watch your photos which is cool. It is priced at $3699---only
about $300 less than the top of the line...which is weird....don't forget it
has a built in digital tuner which the swx20b doesn't....

The same set without the hd tuner is the 57S500--that is essentially the
replacement for swx20b. It's price will be $3299.99, or street price of
around $2800 or so.

maybe I should go with the 65"......hmmmmmmm......if you had it all to do over again right now, would you still get the swx20b?

absolutely...i don't need the built-in HD tuner, because my cable compnay proivdes a HD set top box, so a built in tuner is a waste....and my room is a rectangle about 13 x 22, with the tv on the width(13) wall, so sitting distance is about 9+- feet tv screen to center of sofa...65" would be too big, at least thats what my wife said :)

perhaps i need to check with cable company on HD set top box before i disregard the built in tuner, my room is 15.5 x 15.5, subtract the tv and sofa and i'll be at roughly 11+- feet viewing distance, ask your wife if i should consider the 65" - thanks qdog

If your cable company is anything like mine, you'll need the set top box for any premium channels anyway, and defintely for PPV, a built-in HD tuner is redundant


I have gone through most of all your posts regarding hitachi - 57SWX20B. I know you own this model and hitachi already stopped making this models. As we know, this model's replacement will be 57S500. Its price is $2299 at circuitcity + warranty(which I will take) + tax as of today.

Their are some big difference in both TVs,

First one as you said I won't care too.. Super Constrast CRT in 57S500 instead of wide neck CRT in 57SWX20B.

Second one is huge and I do care about it. supporing 1020p instead of 1020i. This can be very good since I will be watching satellite signal most of the time.

Third one, I never read bad reviews about 57SWX20B. 57S500 is relatively new and even its good, their won't be any specific professional reviews soon and I can't wait for long time otherwise 57SWX20B won't be in market and there will be nothing to compare.

Forth one, prices are almost same.

What you think? Which one is better? Should I go for 57SWX20B or 57S500?

perhaps have changed my mind - will go with 65"

does same go for this size as well that last years model is the way to go? i assume it's the swx20b only preceeded by a 65 not a 57? or is the new one better?

CircuitCity has 65s500 for $2099 and 65s700 for $3299. What would 65swx20b run? and if alot more, worth the difference or not?

I can not find 57SWX20B any where. I went to CC, Sears and other TV dealer provided by Hitachi site. All said its been discontinued.

I have decided that I am going to buy 57S500 this week. Read lot of reviews on CC site and I am impressed.

check that, CC price on 65s500 is $2899, which brings me to the million dollar question......

65swx20b or 65s500........both are $2899???????
whatta ya think?

anonymous-57swx20b can be found at REX tv for $2699, or online Crazy Eddie $2197, HypeAudio $2499, Best Buy US $2397

The 65" that was reviewed in Stereophile's Guide to HomeTheater was the 65" Hitachi Ultravision 65Xwx20b, with a MSRP at the time of $5299...If i were buying today, knowing what i know about the model i own, i'd buy the same one 57swx20b...Newer model is a replacement, with scaleed down/cheaper components....Not to say it is NOT a worthy replacement model, but reviews are hard to find, and the 572swx20b got great reviews...good luck in whatever choice you make

I bought mine at CC, and it was zero down , interest free for 1 year...can't beat that deal..also CC has a 30 day return policy, so for some reason, you don't find it to your satisfaction, simply return it

I really appreciate all the advice, anyone can give opinions but from a Hitachi owner it really means something, so thanks

my only true question here is the 1080i and 1080p, don't know what that means or does but as far as i can tell, this is really only difference besides cheaper components in the newer model, which from an outsider looking in doesn't seem to be a make/break point as i'm sure hitachi would like to remain the leader in picture quality and wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot at this point, but you never know what a company finds more important, satisfied customers or the bottom line

i bought the 57s500 last week i think the picture looks like garbage on cable and hi def does anyone have any settings for this set.please help.exchanged this for the toshiba 57hdx82 it had a way better picture just was defective

The lousy picture on your tv from cable is a cable problem...Try a dvd, and see what the picture looks like...I purchased the 57swx20b, and had a technician come in and fine tune it..If anyone wants the "tuned" specs for the same model i'll gladly share the data

i tryed a dvd still looks bad i would love to have the tuned specs

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