What exactly does trinitron mean?


im new to this and i just bought a trinitron tv,did so because i heard the images they produce are crystal clear. was i duped or not? Thanks

Con Man
trinitron is old news, did they throw in a Beta-max ????

Trinitron displays use one electron gun to light all three phosphers on the front of the picture tube instead of the usual three (one for each color). This produced a sharper picture and improves convergence but the single gun fails sooner than the three lower powered guns in a conventional set.

Trinitrons have always been verticaly flat - a section of a tube, instead of a section of a ball, like most sets. This produces less glare and helps makes the corners squarer. Most newer sets these days are verticly AND horizontally flat resulting in a totally flat display. The result, even less glare and better picture geometry.

Trinitrons also have thier color phosphers arranged in vertical stripes (next to each other) instead of the triad of a conventional set. The stripes allow more light to be passed into the room. Hitachi and Mitsubishi brought out a hybrid stipe/triad a few years ago that is similar. The vertical stripe also produces a finer dot pitch resulting in a sharper picture.

Hope this helps.

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