57s - Hitachi - Sony...Toshiba??


Looking for advice/experiece for a 57. Been looking at Hitachi & Sony. Toshibas...appear not to be displayed around here anymore. Have heard Toshibas were one of the most repaired. (consumers report?)

So I have primarily narrowed it down to the Hitachi 57. But which model?? I like the feature of the scanning the favorite channels (on right side of screen) but the PIP, POP, is not as user friendly as compared to the Sony.

Circuit City & Sears have the Hitachis for sale. Are there any other retailers that sell Hitachi?

In a nutshell, I think the Hitachi has the better picture, but Sony has the better user remote control interface and features.

Also, I have found that many salesmen in these stores do not know much when it comes to HDTVs. After talking with them, I have pretty much tought them more than what they knew or were trained in. Pretty damn frustrating when talking to the "Sales guy" I expect to be learning more, or to see if the guy knows what he is talking about.
And many of them do not even know how to use the features, therefore, sending them to go get the manual and learn it right there in front of me.
Or, they do not have a remote control, or one that works. (ABC warehouse...PATHETIC!)

At this time, 57s are around $2200. So this is about what I am willing to spend.
If someone knows of a TV that may cost a little more, please justify that it is worth it.

I own the 57" Hitachi, swx20b....very happy with picture, and model..However, i am not certain you can get this model for 2200...i believe i paid 2800+- in April..Be aware however that Hitachi is changing some interior components(using less expensive/quality) in an attempt to be more price competetive at this price point, this is to go in to effect with the new model year...

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