30 inch widescreen


im looking for a new tv and i like the widescreens and the 30 inch tvs are the closest to my budget. but which one will give me the best picture for dvd and regular tv viewing. and which has the bigger picture a 30 inch widescreen or a 32 inch standard tv viewing a widescreen format dvd.


I have a Philips 30" 8520 widescreen. I think watching movies from dvd couldn't be much better for a tv this size and price wise. It doesn't have the pixel plus, but it's a good set. I do know that Sony just came out with a 30 and 34" xbr sets. You may want to check those out as well. More money for Sony, but you will get a better picture also so it may be worth the extra $$.

John Greer
I am very happy with my Samsung 30" widescreen HDTV that I purchased last year for $999. I think you would be pleased with most any of the 30" or 34" widescreen HDTV tube sets on the market, although I can't see paying $2000+ for some of the models! It is much harder to mess up a tube TV than it is a rear projection TV!

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