Power Supply TV KV-35V35


Can you help me out. I have a Sony KV-35V35 TV that power shut off during viewing and the power will not come back. The TV is only 6 years old. Any tips or idea? Thanks in advance for
your response.


Have you found the remedy for your problem yet. My KV35V35 just went ooommmpf while viewing and now there is no power.

I would think it is the power supply. Any thoughts?

And the streak continues . . .

I was in the middle of watching the Auburn/Arkansas game when my KV-35V35 did the same thing.

I am really dreading having this thing fixed :(

how suprising....i have had the EXACT same thing happen. Has anyone found a solution??

I still don't know what I am going to do about mine. I have posted messages to several sites, and nobody has replied to any. I also emailed George (top post) -- no reply as well.

I don't know what is worse, the thought of how much this is going to cost or having to move that heavy beast out of the entertainment center.

hang tight folks, one just came into the shop today and I have found the HOT shorted...will keep you posted

Thanks highqelectronics!

My KV35V35 also will not power up. It worked wonderful for 6 yrs and then poof. $394 for replacement plus $49 trip charge

Finally took mine to the shop. The power supply and a few other parts down the line were fried. The guy was asking $340 to fix, but he lowered it to $300 when he saw my jaw drop.
Here's the scoop guys: Sony,as we all know are very expensive (and heavy TV's). I have received six more of the KV-35V35 sets in the past week.
Sony, in their glorious wisdom has made a kit. The only problem is, the H.O.T. kit includes two resistors and no instructions on how to re-bias.
Here we go in a nut-shell...
Replace Q601, Q602, R607 & VBR601 simultaneously. Here comes the tricky part..The H.O.T. is an "updated part". Depending on the Chassis # disreguard the extra resistors-Simply add an additional "Heat Sink" and try it out. The H.O.T should be warm after five minutes..If you can't touch it assume there are more problems. (please use the origional sony H.O.T. to avoid headaches. P.S. Our website will be up and running, partially next week (depending on Network Solutions) and fully on 15 JAN 04

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