My friend is convinced that a Sony picture is better than a Sharp picture. He even went as far as to say that he's seen a High Definition signal through a Shrarp HDTV and a Sony non HDTV picture side by side and the Sony looked better. I told him that was his own subjective prejudice swaying his perception. Its mostly about the signal right? Aren't most TVs with same specs made the same way with the same technology. If you can get a Sharp HDTV for alot less than a Sony NON HDTV, isnt the Sharp the smart choice. How can I prove my point?

John Matthews
Yur friend is right.

Sony makes the ocassional good dvd player, not tv's.

For one the Sony is only giving your eyes the illusion that it's better than the HDTV but in reality it cannot and never produce that quality of resolution.HDTV has higher resolution and by 2007 that Sony won't be worth crap when all signals go ATSC.

Go for the Sharp, and make the better investment for the future.

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