Mits WS-65511? Ready to buy. What price should I pay for this?


Just wanted to know what price I should be paying for this TV. I am looking at a local dealer and know that he takes good care of his customers. I liked the picture on this set. Any opinions on the set? You guys out there really helped me on the surround system so I figure you are my best bets as to this. Thanks, roc2it

I wouldn't buy it. The new models are supposed to be a lot better (e.g., 65513).

Better as in how? Please let me know.

Mits has a history of looking bad with SD, but the new scaler is supposed to be really good. There is a new feature to change colors more accurately, which many other brands don't have. It also have a DVI input, which appears to be the standard that will be accepted.

Well good. This is starting off on the postitive side at least. Actually I am suprised that replies are not flying on this TV because I was under the impression that Mits sells a lot of these TV. Any more input on this is greatly appreciated.

You can always try the AVS forum.

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