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Hello. My fiance and I have been shopping for a new projection television but know very little about the technology. The space available is limited so we've focused on the Panasonic 45" (PT45LC12) and the Sony 42" (KF-42WE610) LCDs (we've actually looked at the older 50" model since the 42" isn't in stores). Due to cost, we've not spent a lot of time looking at the Samsung DLPs but we've not ruled them completely out. We've personally found the Sony to look better but it was in a showroom where they were clearly using either an HD signal or a DVD whereas the Panasonic was on regular cable. Any help/education would be much appreciated.

Spencer Haslett
I saw the Panasonic in a Sears store yesterday. It had been on the floor a year and was clearance priced because the picture was completely shot. In contrast, I saw the Sony KF42WE610 at Circuit City (2 stores): One had a Dish feed showing a local channel...not looking good. However, the second CC store had the KF showing a promo DVD that was outstanding. I've heard complaints that the contrast on the KF is not up to scratch, a bit dark, but you'd have to check it out for yourself. It is way better looking than the Panasonic (on dorky speaker feet!).

Went to about the only independent audio/video store in Pittsburgh today and saw the Sony KF42WE610 in operation. They had it hooked to a Sony tuner and rooftop antenna. The sales manager switched from DirecTV to analog over the air and digital over the air. The set looked fantastic in digital (thanks to the tuner) and awesome in HDTV. He switched from DirecTV HDTV to Pittsburgh's PBS channel that broadcasts HDTV during the day with travelogue-type programs. Again, awesome. This is the set I'm buying.

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