Deciding on which HDTV to get?


I am shopping for a HDTV now. Is there anything you need to look for over other sets.
I am looking at mitsu, Hitachi & Sony rear projection TVs. How do I know which is better? I am confused with all the things I read is there an opinion that you have & things I need to look for?

An HDTV can come in a variety of ways:
1) HD-Ready means it's HDTV compatible, but requires an external set-top box (HDTV receiver)
2) HDTV with built-in tuner for over the air (OTA) signals from an antenna
3) HDTV with DirecTV tuner built-in for DSS

I would go with an HD-ready set because they are cheaper and offer more flexibility in upgrading components like DirecTV, DISH Network, or HDTV set-top receivers.

Look for a model with two sets of component video inputs, so you will be able to hook up your DVD player and Satellite receiver easily. Most of the newer models will have a DVI connection to prevent copying of HDTV programming. DVI is a new technology and not widely implemented yet.

Next loook at how the HDTV signal is processed. An HDTV signal can either be 1080i or 720p. Some HDTV sets do not support 720p, and will either up-convert or down-convert the signal. Currently most HDTV programs are broadcast at 1080i. All HDTVs do support 1080i.

In comparing the different manufactuer models, it can be a matter of personal taste. Each company will have there own bells and whistles, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.

I just purchased a 54" Rear Projection TV and it is not HDTV ready. Will there be converters available when/if they switch over to HDTV in 2007? Can I use standard cable? Hate to think i wasted $1000.

Ben, unfortunatly you did waste 1000.00 if you are going to look at it that way.

I am sure they will continue to brodcast in analog, however, you will not be ablo to support 1080 or 720

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