Philips Cineos


Do they support 720p signal. The manual says 1080i HD performance and line doubling!

Yes, The Philips Cineos does support 720P.

When will it be available?

Who knows they keep changing the dates.
Whenever philips finally finishes debugging these units (the purple haze issue).
I suggest waiting for more feedback on the upgraded units or go with a dlp/lcd unit.

I don't know if you know this but they did release some of the units. They had to stop production because of product defects, so they are currently fixing this problem & have promised the people who have already received the "purple haze" or otherwise defective units, a replacement of a upgraded unit, which they are saying has been upgraded for more than just the "purple haze" problem

A seemingly knowledgeable salesman at a PC Richard Store in NJ says that they will be receiving the Philips Cineos LCOS units towards the end of November or the beginning of December. He also said that they had 150 listed for delivery around that time, probably for the whole chain, but who knows. They'll be there when they're there.

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