Help...Phillips widescreen vs Sony


I've been looking at 34inch Hdtv widescreens for the last several months and have come down to purchasing a Phillips or Sony (34XBR800 or 910). I spoke with a salesman at J&R who really was pushing me towards the Phillips since the picture quality was superb (even better than the Sony) and the sound was amazing (3D surround). I know Sonys have a better name, so I'm so confused about which way to go. Also, is widescreen really the way to go? Any TV experts out there? Is the Sony new model (910) any better than the 800? I really don't know all that much and don't really need anything very technical etc. Just want to purchase a nice bigscreen. Appreciate any advice out there.

For regular tv watching I would go with the Philips--as it has PIXEL PLUS which definitely improves non-HDTV viewing. But there is a downside--I believe this Philips set doesn't have a DVI port. That could cause problems down the line when you want to hook up additional HDTV receivers that will have copy protection. I don't think you will be able to do that with the Philips. The Sony has DVI.

Discuss this with the salesperson and see what he knows. The DVI interface is expected to be the interface on all future add-ons.

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