Buy a TV tomorrow and need quick advise, Which set to purchase?


i'm about to purchase a tv tomorrow from Best Buy and i need to know which is the best bang for my buck...I'm currently leaning towards the Toshiba 57H83 over the Mitsubishi, but i'm hearing horror stories over these vertical lines that can't be fixed. Should i go with the Sony KP57WS510, Mitsubishi 55313, or stick with the Toshiba. i was staying away from the Mitsubishi because i think these can't read 720p. it seemed the Toshiba had more options and features. I'm doing too much research i think, because the more i read the more i become confused. Please write back soon with your opinions and suggestions, time is running out. Thank you.

Get the Sony. The Toshiba isn't worth the money, and Mits doesn't show SD well.

I vote for the Sonys too but if you are talking bang-for-the-buck have a look at RCA. The picture is almost as good as the Sonys but they have every imaginable connector (including firewire) and some include an HDTV tuner for the same price of other HDVT-Ready sets.

Wang Chung
buy hitatchi, kicks Toshiba's a$$

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