Mitsubishi WS-65313


Cook Co
I've done some research on this tv and apparently it is a 2003-2004 model. Does anyone else have any more info about this set? I would like some input from actual users.

I saw the unit at a best buy , It looked nice less boxy than last years model. As for the picture it was ok needs some adjusting I think they had just put it out.

I bought this tv about 3 weeks ago from BB & have been very happy w/it. The pic quality is beautiful. The 480P from comp. in from DVD is very nice. I can't wait to get the new HD reciever for my DTV.

cook co
I've had the set now for 2 months. I really don't have any complaints, just taking some getting use to widescreen. i don't like to watch non-high definition in widescreen, the people look short and fat. so i watch it in standard with the side black bars. the side bars don't bother me as much as having the bars on the top and bottom.

I would like to add a antenna for over the air hdtv. does anyone have any advise or suggestions? I tried the terk 55 but couldn't get anyhting. we are in the correct solor area for the antenna but i don't know if i am suppose to change anything on the televison.

Get the biggest Yagi you can find and install it on your roof. Use a rotator unless your digital/HDTV stations have their towers close together or co-located. Use RG-6 coax no longer than necessary. If signal is still weak, an inline amplifier may help. Be sure to ground your antenna--it makes an excellent lighting rod! Don't know how good Mitsubishi HDTV receivers are but some HDTV receivers are better than others. DirecTV sat signal tend to be rock steady while OTA HDTV/digtal signals can fluctuate dramatically resulting in pixelization on the down side. Good Luck!

I just bought the WS65313 from best buy for 2499. I hooked it up with the best of cables, etc. The TV seems to have a fuzzy undertone even when hooked to a DVD via component cables. I have had the TV for one day and am not too pleased at this point. All the channels running through a Digital Cable box have a fuzzy undertone also. Anyone else have these problems? I would blame my TIVO box but the DVD hooked directly via component cables has the same fuzziness.

Bought ours on 9-10-03 at first was not happy with it could not get a clear picture rehooked everything up changed some setting in the menu and now everything if just fine. We have a great picture but am just now getting used to the wide screen that takes a while. I would recommend this tv is someone wanted to buy it.

got this TV a week ago, at first I was really impressed. Now it seems that is a bit darker (the image) has anyone seen this? I have Comcast HDTV and PBS channel is the best picture i've ever seen.

Lehi, UT

I'm considering this box because it would fit just right into a 70" wide media niche. I can't tell if you guys are happy or not? Is there an HD ready version of this same model I should consider? Would that fix the short/fat problem? Or is this just related to programs not broadcast in HD? In other words, if most of my programming/viewing is going to be non-HD, does that mean I am going to be looking at the sidebars all the time in order to see normal looking people?


I just got my 65313. The High Def channels are very good, but basic cable is BAD! I've called the cable company, hopefully it's something in the cable.

Non Hig Def channels are extremenly fuzzy, bad color, etc.

I have charter HIGH DEF/Cable.

ANybody have similiar problems?

Cook Co
I do like this tv very much. i used to have the sony
62hd. We had a lot of problems with the sony. So after numerous visits fromthe repair man, it was named a lemon and best buy replaced it. Now the Mits
65 is really good. High def looks great, I have satelite, so there are a number of channels to choose from. I am very happy with this set and would recommend it.

This TV rocks!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this. I have basic cable and the picture is so clear. It's very easy to setup and use.

to jrwpmw:

I am a cable service technician, and actually with Charter Communications. If you're analog channels (basic) are looking a bit off, try viewing those through the R/F coaxial output on the box. Some TV's seem to process the analog signal better across the component video cables than others (Samsung sets I've seen looked great, Pioneer not so good). Not sure if it's the TV or the HD receiver, but try the coaxial and see if it clears up. If it doesn't, call your local office and schedule a call.

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