Are all HDTV RPT capable of receiving 480i/480p, 720p, and 1080i?


Johnny Bravo
i'm looking at a new Rear Projection Televisions. I was told to make sure the tv i choose is capable of receiving all bands of broadcasts, and able to upconvert/downconvert. If the tv i choose isn't capable of receiving in 720p, will the picture be distorted when converted to 1080i? Thanks for your help.

Some TV's actually take the 720p and down convert it to 480p.

I know Sonys can.

I've got a Sony Vega 36XBR250 bought in Dec. 1999 that we were told was HDTV compatible at the time, and I have found out that the signal is 480i. From what I have heard, 480i was the standard at that time, but now the standard is 1080i. My cable company can downvert the receiver to 480i supposedly. What kind of quality improvement should I expect in the pictue quality, if any, if we have digital cable now?

Also, we use Panasonic Showstopper (their version of TIVO). Will the HDTV signal from the cable-company-supplied HDTV receiver be compromised or changed by running it through the Showstopper before it gets to the TV set?

If anyone has any insight into this, please post a response.

Thanks - Mickey

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