Stumped on which HDTV to purchase?


John Smith
I am looking at HDTV's and i'm confused on which one to purchase.I have a relative who works at Best Buy and can get me my tv cheaper than retail. I know Best Buy has stripped down versions of tv's, but I can't beat the prices I can get. Anyway, which is better:
Toshiba 57H83 HDTV, or Mitsubishi WS-B55 HDTV?
Also, I have Comcast Digital Cable now, and they told me even if i get a HDTV ready set i'd still have to get the conveter box. Therfore should i get a tv that's only HD upgradable to save money?
Thank you for your advise, tips, and suggestions.

Buy the Toshiba Tv, a better buy in my eyes. The Mitsubishi is a stripped down Best Buy model.

Best buy also has the Gold series, which is the 03-04 models Mitsubishi. Not a stripped down unit.

Jim Beam
buy a Hitachi, Best Buy does not carry them, but Circuit City does

Can somebody please help me!
I am moving to South Africa and they have PAL signal,220-240V,50Hz.Want to buy Big screen TV befor i go.What converters do i need,or what tv should i buy to work over there.Thank you

What is stripped down about the Mitsubishi WS-B55? I am thinking of buying it at Best Buy. Current price is $2499. I thought it was a good deal, however perhaps I am wrong? I liked the firewire. Seems like a good idea, if they ever make anything worth buying to accomodate it. Please let me know what you think

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