HDTV Tuner - does it matter??


Alex C
I have a Samsung HDTV - Ready TV. I see that HDTV receivers are finally coming down in price. There is a popular Samsung model on eBay that goes for around $170. I am thinking of grabbing one of those so I can watch the local programming that is available on HD.

I am wondering - are different brands or types of recievers better than others??

See http://www.hometheatermag.com/showarchives.cgi?172

These tuners also have DirecTV and are much more expensive, but this review will give you some idea.

I've seen the Hughes/Philips/Mitsubishi version and didn't like the interface. Panasonics are good if you can find one. A lot of stores use the RCA DTC-100 to run thier displays. Most are starting to replace them. I bought one for $180 at Bransmart last month. It doesn't have component or DVI out though.

Your $170 unit is about 1/2 price.

Hope this helps.
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