Component hookup. How?


Ok just bought a 32 inch sanyo DS31820 and i know nothing about how to hook up a component cable. I want to hook my xbox up to the component plugs but how? ( i have the hi def xbox pack) I have the 3 component cables in but how do i hook up the audio? do i plug them into the red and yellow audio jacks?

sorry super newb in this field

The component video cables only handle the three components of video, red, blues and greens. So it is video only--you still need audio cables (usually colored red and white) to connect your tv to your xbox. These are just like the audio cables that connect your components to your receiver.

Ted, the model you bought isn't component cable capable. The best picture quality you're probably going to get is with "s" video. The yellow jack is composite video and the red and white is your audio.

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