Toshiba 51h83 or 51hx83- help


I am considering purchasing one of the toshiba tv's...but i am not sure if i should get the 51h83 or the HX...could someone give me some advice on whcih one i should buy? the cost savings would be approx $700


Take a look at this:

what are the differences if any from the H81 and the HX? is it worht spedning the extra cash?

i meant 51H83 or the 51HX83....i am not sure if it is worth pending the extra money....can someone help me out?

The biggest difference is in the fact that the HX or "Cinema Seies" model has the new series HD4 CRT guns that yield much better brightness and black level than the HD2 series found in the H or "Theater View" models. This is the main reason you would want to go with HX. It is well worth the difference. Word to the wise, if you are near a Video Only store you can get the HX model for less than what Best Buy is selling the H model for.
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