DLP, CRT, LCD, LCOS. What is the bottom line?


I have about five grand burning a hole in my pocket for a new tv. I just sold my condo and Panasonic 42" plasma and bought a new house and am now looking for more screen real estate. I've done all the research. Front projector won't work because the room gets too much sun. Can't afford the larger size plasmas. Haven't been too impressed with LCD. So then what? That leaves CRT, DLP, and LCOS. With size not being a factor, where am I going to get the best picture quality? CRT? But then you have the burn in factor, and maintenance? So then maybe DLP? But then you loose some in contrast and that damn rainbow crap. Then there is LCOS, but then I have to wait. I'm not a very patient guy. Watching my 20" just isn't going to cut it for very long.

Let me know what you are thinking.


CRTs aren't as bad as you might think with regard to burn-in. You would have to have something static on the screen AND have the brightness up to burn-in the picture. Plasma is actually worse. Have a look at Sony's CRT and Samsung's DLP RPTV. They produce very sharp pictures with very deep color. Hitachi (see and Toshiba have caught Mitsubishi. Even RCAs Selenium line is pretty good. $5000 will get you a built in HDTV tuner from RCA

The Boxlight Cinema 20HD also called the Sanyo PLV-70 (see should be able to produce enough light for a well lit room. It can be found for around 5 Grand.

I saw the Toshiba LCOS and was underwlmed and so were others on this forum. Other companies are bringing out LCOS sets but they aren't 1920x1080 so what's the point.

Good luck on your quest and I hope this helps.

Regarding ,Toshiba LCOS you where underwlmed could you please elaborte as I have been awaiting there new improved release of this product in September

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albert leao
i also saw the toshiba lcos, it looked worse than a 3 year old pioneer. I would wait till september and get the new philips lcos. go to the philips website, it is called the Cineos. its lcos.

CRT's pictures wear out over time. LCD's are much more practical. I got a Hitachi 51" Ultravision CRT. Did not like it and brought it back to Sears. The image is not as crisp as the LCD televisions and they dont burn in like the CRT's. I had a tech guy come out and look at my hitachi because all my signals, except HD signals, did not look very good. He said to get a LCD or Tube, if I wanted a better picture with. He also explained to me that people are burning these TV's up all the time with Burn In. If you watch movies with letter box or watch TV's with a static logo in the corner, it will burn-in over time. I decided to get the Sony 50" LCD. Best picture for the money.

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