Whick RPTV is better?


Hitachi-51swx20b, Toshiba 51H83, Sony KP-51WS510, or Mits WS-48313??

Can anyone help make this decision easier? They are all around the same price and have very similar features...but I don't know which one to get.



What are you going to use the TV for? What type of sources will be used (e.g., dish, cable, , HD, DVD) and what percentage of time will it be used for that purpose?

I will be using the TV for everything. Direct Tv HD will be my choice for programming. I have a progressive scan DVD and an x-box. Most of my time will be spent watching tv and dvd's



I recommend that you try to compare the specs for what you are interested in. Look at the TV's in person as much as you can, and realize they won't have the best picture in the store and someone may have messed with the settings. You may be able to bring in a DVD and play it on the TV's to compare. If you buy it from a good store, many will let you swap it out if you are truly unhappy with your choice. That being said, here is some info from my experience and comments made on forums.

The Hitachi has actually received great reviews. The only rare problem I have heard of is ghosting. The new 51S500 is out and is said to be an improvement.

The Toshiba also has good reviews and is said to have a good stretch mode for SD. It seems like not too many people have it though.

The Sony model just came out. It it said to have some grain with the factory settings, but has a great picture when you do some tweaking. You obviously will want to tweak any of these, but this may take the most effort, but may also have the best result.

I have not heard anything on the new Mits, but in general they have the worse SD picture. They are also said to be falling behind in the HD quality and I see a lot more problems listed, which may be due to more Mits being sold. I hope this helps, good luck and let us know what you do and how it is.

Thank you for your input, I am leaning towards the Toshiba right now. You are right about the stretch mode, it did look the best. Surprisingly I was not impressed with the hitachi for the extra money. The sony did look pretty good too although I think I like the styling of the Toshiba better.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


i own the 57" Hitachi model of which you speak..Picture is great, have had no problems of ghosting, but that may not even be a Hitachi problem, more likely a reception problem(cable or satelitte)

So what is the final verdict on these 51" sets?
sony, mits, toshiba, or hitachi?
which one is the best for your money?

I pick Sony, but that is just me.

did a lot of research, and side by side comparisons of these sets before buying the Hitachi.....haven't looked back since...........
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