New WEGA III pic, what is this?


Here is a pic of the new Grand WEGA III 70''

(Click the picture for the full picture)

MSRP $7,000

Way nicer! 20% Improved contrast, no useless stand on the bottom, and the T.V is way thinner too!

My question is what is that on the lower right? Some slot? Power button?

I hope it's not the damn memory stick slot just out in the open.

Why would they cover up everything and leave the memory stick slot open?

I hope it's the power button.

It's a Memory Stick Pro slot.

Has this been confirmed?

Where's the power button? The center?

Yes, its the memory stick slot. To the right of it is the power button. In the middle is the control panel. It also looks like it has indicator lights etched into the bottom of the screen simular to the XBR plasmas. Looks impresive, cant wait to see the picture.

The Picture is great! Can't wait to get it home! This is going to change the way we watch TV.

Wish they had more then one DVI port!

Sorry - but the TV is actually thicker due to the inclusion of the built-in ATSC tuner. Good news is that the Tuner is Clear QAM ready to handle HD Cable!

Any idea, when this is going to be available in the market (or ) for sale ?
I am waiting for this model and need to make the decision soon, whether to buy an older model if this is taking longer.

I'm in the same boat Umesh, I have heard from some sources mid-November and even Xmas now. It appears they are trying to work moving the XBR800's first. I bought the XBR800 and returned it in August and have been waiting ever since...

the WE610 were supposed to be October, but are coming early? November. (mine included) So the XBR950's for November must be at least December ( or maybe March, never know with SONY!!)


The WE610's have been out since early October and there are already XBR950's out. Some stores are in different spots on the priority list.

John G
The digital cable tuner in the KDF-60XBR950 will only handle your HDTV cable channels if they are channel 125 or below. Unfortunately, Comcast in my area has the local HDTV channels in the 170's. Go figure!

john, thanks for info. it made me check my comcast. abc and nbc hd are on channels 180-181. i almost bought the wega III

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