Phillips 34PW8520 or Sony KV34HS510


Shane Gibbs
I only have space for about a 36" direct TV. It seems like it might be time to jump on the HD train. If I jump it looks like I should also go Wide screen. The Sony would be my perference but it is about $1800 and the Pillips is $1400. Can someone give me some sugggestions on these TV's or perhaps recomend something else to look at?

I have not compared the two TV's but I have the KV34HS510 and am completely satisfied with it. The picture quality is amazing. My cable box has a DVI connector on the back of it but it is not used in my area says a comcast i can't use the DVI on the back of the TV yet.

My only complaint about the TV: IT'S HEAVY!!!!

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