Menu I've Never Seen Before - HELP!


Here's my problem:

I just bought Kenwood's VR707 receiver. I was programming my remote but one of the codes I used somehow got me into a diagnostic setup mode on the TV, one that I can't access with my regular TV remote, just the Kenwood one.

At the top part of the screen "D09 06(006) 4" shows. I think it's some sort of diagnostic menu. I can change the numbers, which corellates to different screen ratios, sizes, widths, etc., it's very strange.

So now my screen is all out of whack and I don't know how to reset it to factory defaults and get the picture back to how it was before. Hitting reset in the Video Options menu doesn't work, neither does unplugging it.

The TV is a Sharp 32U S50. Any ideas?

You were in the service menu. You are going to nead a professional to fix it. See

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