Panasonic Tau vs JVC I'ART


I'm looking to purchase a 36" HDTV. I've narrowed down my choices as Panasonic Tau and the JVC I'art. Can anyone recommend one over the other??? Or good and bad experiences they've had with either. I will be hooking the T.V up to my home theatre system, and the room is 15 ft x 14 ft

Bob Hu
Have not seen the JVC, but I am comparing the Panasonic 36hx41 with Toshiba, both cost quite a bit less than the Sony xbr450.

I just picked up a Tau ct36h41 primarily because it is the only 36" that will fit in my cabinet, barely. With just the factory settings the picture has amazing clarity. When I run the THX video test (it is on The Matrix DVD) I did notice that there is a convergence problem around the corners. The white lines look white at the center but seperated into the 3 colors at the corners. Never noticed it when watching a movie though.

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