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I am thinking about buying an HDTV. If I buy an integrated HDTV, should I just be able to turn on my tv and see shows like Sunday Night Football in High Def?

Well, that depends on if your local networks broadcast HD and how good your reception is. You might have to hook up an antenna, just like you would for regular off-air TV.

edgar v.
sunday night football is on ESPN, which is a cable network. they don't broadcast it over the air. you need to get digital cable or satellite and hope your cable company carries ESPN high def, which is a different channel than regular ESPN. for example, i live in San Diego, and my digital cable (Time Warner) only has Discovery, HBO, and Showtime HD. I'm hoping that they add ESPN HD soon.

However, the big networks (cbs,nbc,abc) and i think some lesser networks (pbs) broadcast alot of their primetime lineup in HD, and if you have a fully integrated HDTV, and you have it connected to a rooftop antenna (or even bunny-ears, depending on where you live), you'll be able to see these broadcasts. So, if ABC decides to broadcast MONDAY night football in HD, you should be OK.

By the way, I don't recommend buying a fully integrated HDTV. to me, its unnecessary. like i said before, you're only gonna get the broadcast networks' HD shows. so you'll probably ultimately get digital cable or a satellite anyway because you'll want to get the broadcast channels in HD as well as the HDTV cable channels: and as HDTV grows, more and more cable channels will broadcast in it. The thing is, my digital cable box contains an HDTV converter, at no extra charge (some other companies offer one at a minimal charge). Therefore, I bought an HDTV Monitor (without the converter), for alot less than a fully integrated HDTV. My point is, Fully Integrated HDTV's are unneccesary.

another downpoint, there is the possibility of adaptability problems with cable connections down the road, as well as an inability to upgrade technology.

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