What does HD ready really mean?


I was wondering what hardware is included in a HD ready TV? I know you need the converter to receive HD signals.

My next question is will it be possible to upgrade an analog TV to receive HD signals in the future? I'm trying to figure out if my 36" Sony Wega will go into the dumpster within the next couple of years.

Ususally HD-Ready TVs have some type of input that can accept at least 1200x720 Progressive-scan video. This can be RGB, Componenet, Firewire, or DVI (so far) and display it progressively. Most also include a line-doubler to convert all interlaced video to progressive scan.

Most HD receivers will output a 480i version of the High-Def signal to any TV. The picture isn't truely High-Def, but at least you can see it. If you Wega has component-ins, chances are you can watch at least a 720p program.

Hope this helps.

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