Samsung HL-S4266W DLP frequently turns itself off


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I have a Samsung HL-S4266W that recently has started to turn itself off many times a day. I have owned it for about 10 months. Lamp Life: 1705h - I don't know if that is hours used or hours remaining, though! Sometimes I can go for hours before it turns off, sometimes every 5 minutes, and everywhere in between. It doesn't matter how long the TV has been on for - sometimes it will turn off 10 minutes after I get home from work (after being off all day). I saw a previous post in which someone described expansion of the plastic cover as the problem - I don't think that applies in my case, since the problem can happen when the TV is cold.

Most of the time, after the screen turns off, the Standby and Lamp light flash. Sometimes though, the screen will turn off and the Standby light turns on solid. According to the manual, the Standby and Lamp flashing code means that the back cover is off. I took the back cover off, inspected the on/off switch that controls that error code, and replaced the back cover, to no avail. I find it hard to believe that such a simple mechanism can be the problem. The fan appears to be working fine.

On top of that, after the TV turns off by itself, the Standby and Lamp lights flash for about 10 seconds, and then the Standby goes to solid (TV in normal standby mode). This is different from the typical back cover error. In the normal back cover error, the Standby and Lamp lights flash indefinitely until the back cover has been replaced.

So...are there any other switches on that circuit that could be causing the issue. Or, has that error light code been overloaded to include other, undocumented errors?

Finally, I contacted Samsung last week about the issue. They gave me a service ticket number because the TV is under warranty. However, the normal service provider (American TV, Madison, WI) was unwilling to perform the service. So, Samsung is trying to track down a different service provider. I was told that this might take up to two weeks. I'm now at 8 days and I'm getting antsy.

Sorry for the long post. This is a half-vent and a half request for any expertise!

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It looks like you have checked the switch for the lamp cover, which would be my first guess.. Also try removing the lamp and re-placing back into the TV. May be a faulty connection.

To be honest with you, to me it seems like it's a faulty lamp... I've had a similar problem on a TV where when the TV is cold it would turn off, but after turing it back on every 5 minutes, it would warm up and start to move again... The problem was a faulty bulb... But the owner had switched it on and off so many times back to back that the ballast had to be replaced as well!

If not, it would be a faulty ballast. Those are the only two things that could be wrong with your TV in my mind. Your cheapest and fastest diagnosis is to buy a replacment lamp... even if it isn't the problem, you will not lose because you will need a backup lamp in the life of your TV!

Make sure you buy an original philips bulb. I think is a great reputable source. For $129, you can't lose. I call on these guys all the time. They will ship to you the same day and you will be able to diagnose further in less than a week. If it is the problem, you can call samsung and claim your lamp under warranty and they will replace the faulty one with a new one (but it will take 8 more weeks).. The new one could be your new replacement!

I don't recommend getting an aftermarket/OSRAM/LTI lamp... You may experience the same problems.

Hope all this writing was helpful!

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Hey Ov,

I think it's great that you're helping folks!
I've been out of pocket for some time.
Hat's off to ya!!!

Best regards!

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Thanks for your suggestions. It's been 2 days since the TV has turned itself off! I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that the back cover switch was the issue after all.

When the back cover is installed normally, the back cover switch is pressed upwards by the plastic. The switch was moved just barely far enough to engage the switch. However, when the back cover would move even the slightest bit, either by the heating from the lamp or from walking with boots on, the switch could become disengaged. In the case of the lamp, as soon as the switch disengaged, the TV and the lamp turns off, cooling down almost instantly, and the back cover returns to its original position and the switch re-engages - which makes the lights stop blinking and the standby light turn solid. This would explain the varying length of blinkiness that I was getting from the lights.

The first option to fix the issue is to remove the switch and just connect the wires directly. For someone still under warranty, this is a bad idea. The second option is to re-install the back cover using a downward motion. Make sure that when the switch is engaged by the plastic notch, it is forced DOWNWARD. This causes the switch to extend much further, preventing slight movements from causing it to disengage.

Hope that makes sense and that it helps someone else down the road. I'm happy that such a frustrating experience did not end up costing me boatloads of money replacing parts.

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I have a Samsung HL-S5086W DLP and it is doing the same thing. I have not yet contacted anyone about it, but I was just curious and did a google search and found this. I will keep you posted.

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