Can anybody help me


Hello, I live in Japan and need a TV around 4K range for my home. The rub is, I'm in the US Navy and can't read a lick of anything on their internet sites.

Can anybody possibly tell me a decent LCD model they sell in japan at the 4K-5K mark, or reffer me to a website that has a litttle bit of english. I would appreciate it alot. Thanks.

There are only a couple of direct view LCD screens at this high price--I think one is made by Samsung (from S. Korea).

However, there are LCD front projector sets and rear projection sets.

There are a lot of Plasma sets in the 4K-5K range. As a general rule go for the most pixels. Panasonic, Pioneer, and Fujitsu make good models.

I don't know the pricing in Japan. Often, the Japanese market is very export oriented and the models are cheaper at certain US distributers. But I imagine shipping costs would offset that and also might void warranties.

Does anyone know how to connect a Ps2 to an old tv without using an rfu adapter?
Please Email Me!!!!!!!

John Greer
If you have access to the internet in Japan, then you should be able to view any site available to us folks who live in the USA!

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