Sony KP-46WT510


is this set the KP-46WT510 any good?.. i know it is coming out soon but should be similar to the current model KP-46WT500.. basically wat im asking is .. is it the best bang for the buck.. i was also wondering wat are the likely hood of having a image burn onto my screen if i use my projection tv normally to watch normal tv .. dvds. and play a little video games.. is the risk of burn ins a total turnoff to buy a projection hdtv?..

Lina T
The owner's manual will tell you not to leave any static image on the screen for more than 15% of your weekly TV usage. Translation: don't pause your video game and leave it on overnight. In general, try to get rid of the black bars when you can, (which is always) and just be smart about your video games. Yes, the KP-46WT500 was nice, as I am sure the 510 will be. Keep in mind that you also have to buy a stand for that TV, if you don't have an entertainment center to put it in. You can get a bigger TV that is floorstanding rather than table top for the same money. You should check out the Mitsubishi WS-A48 or something like it.

What do you know about the Mitsubishi WS-A48? Is it a good TV for the money? What is the difference between this TV and the Mitsubishi WT-48311?

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