AKAI PTH5498 elec. snaping noise


any one having this problem?
it has done it 3 or 4 times untill last night.
last night it happened several times in a row.
lookin through the right side grid i could see a spark in the mid-section of the "gutts"
took the back off this morning, but couls see no burned "gutts"
it seams to happen only at night.
love the thing other wise.

I'm getting ready to purchase this TV on saturday, how is the overall quality of the TV ie. sound,picture, ease of use

I just purchased the PTH5498 54"PROJECTION TV from Sams Club in Charlotte, NC for only $850.00 and tax.It was the last one(open box)w/full warranty.
When I plugged in my kids X-Box (Using only the SVHS connection)the picture was stunning!
After purchasing the HD Componet wires for the X-Box I was again stunned at the major improvement of the already great picture.
The TV is very easy to use.It has a small "footprint" for a tv its size.

How STUPID to think that a TV has any reason to only produce a problem such as described earlier and ONLY do that during the day. Maybe you can't SEE the arcing during the day because of ambient light????

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