Samsung HCN-653W


Anyone have a chance to check out the Samsung HCN-653W yet? I am in the market for a projection tv (~65in) and saw this at Best Buy. It looked good, but I am far from an expert at this and would like to know if anyone has any opinions about this model. Thanks.

John, i was going to write the same post. You already did it though. I'll wait with you for an expert response. i don't know if anyone will respond, though, bc this post was made on june 24.

Well, i went out and bought one. Pretty good features, I am very pleased with it so far. I dont really have anything to compare it with, but I would say worth the buy.

I am also thnking about purchasing the HCN-653W from BestBuy. I read a review that the HCN-653W cannot change its size (ie stretch, zoom or crop) to eliminate the bar on non-HDTV signals. Is this true? Rating attached below.

Rating: 1
Comment: DO NOT BUY THIS TELEVISION. IT DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE PICTURE TO FIT THE SCREEN FOR BROADCAST DIGITA CABLE (non-HDTV) SOURCES. And here is the real horror: if those bars burn in (Samsung recommends that you do not view non-screen filling material more than 15% of the time), your warranty is void! You only find this out AFTER you try to change the screen size and read the manual. I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY THIS TELEVISION! I am stuck with this TV; you should not have to be :(

I checked into it and found that when watching DVD's the stretch, zoom or crop will not work unless you have a Progressive scan DVD player.
The stretch, zoom or crop features should work on regular cable. As per the manufacture Samsung does recommend that you do not view non-screen filling material more than 15% of the time. But, this is only affected by the DVD player.

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