RCA Scenium HD61W140 vs SONY KP-57WV700


RCA Scenium HD61W140 vs SONY KP-57WV700
which one is better in picture quality and feature

The Sony. I like the new RCAs but seeing them side-by-side in Circuit City makes it clear that the Sony possesses slightly purer color. The Sonys also have all of the inputs you are likely to need.

The RCA are up to $500 cheaper though.

Hope this helps.

If you compare T.V's in a store you are not going to get the true "picture" of the t.v. Since all of the sets are ran through the same cable, it then is degraded down in picture quality. Take your own DVD or whatever and test the t.v. for yourself. Most stores don't mind. They are hoping for a sale. But I thing the RCA is a better deal at the price.

Thomas Ramm
The RCA beats the SONY in regards to inputs: 1 DVI, 2 Component, 2 IEE1394 (Firewire)

i actully have the rca t v and watching hdtv is so real dvd is remarkable

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