Toshiba 34HF81


Does anyone out there know for sure if this is true?Does VSM remain disabled?

"If you buy this set, the first thing you must do is turn off the Scanning Velocity Modulator. This "feature" (I'm being sarcastic here) supposedly corrected problems in the picture signal, but is totally superfluous nowadays. The best way to handle it is by turning it off. Do this by hitting the menu button, and going into the *movie* mode (not to be confused with the film/video option on the second menu screen). This disables SVM. Once in "movie" mode, modify your settings to the values you want (contrast, color, brightness, etc. When you begin to modify these values, the TV will switch to "preferences" mode, BUT your SVM will stay disabled. *Save* these values, and you are set."

Appreciate any responses.thanks.

Joe F
Received a reply from another owner on another board and the answer to this question is yes if anyone else out there owns one.

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