New sets at best buy


Carlos Gomez
Hey I just got the scoop on sets comming in at Best Buy, here are the Models, Mitsu-WS-65313, WS-55313, WT-42313, WS-65513, WS-55513, WS-48313, AND WS-73411. Toshiba 65H93, 65H83, 57H93, 57H83, 51H83. 46H83, 42H83, AND 57HDX82. Sony KP51WS510, KP57WS510, KDP51WS550, KF42WE610, KF50WE610, KF60WE610. I took this list from a trash can in the tv department. It looks like Best Buy will carry a "platinum like" line in mitsu, an older Gold Plus, an older Cinema Series set, and Grand Wegas

Carlos Gomez
Oops its the Mitsubisi new Silver and Gold lines, not platinum.

That is an interesting way to get information. Any release dates?

There already available at the Best Buy here in Kansas City. I bought a WS-65313 today from them, got it for $2000 (think it was a label mistake, they gave it to me for that price all the same though)


Bella Karas
I am in a 65" TV market. So far the following are on my final choices list:

Toshiba 65H83, and 65H93 (has built-in tuner)
Sony KP-65WV700, and KDP-65WS550
Mitsubishi WS65313, and WS65513 (has built-in Tuner)

These are newer models and prices on them are droping weekly and vary greatly by store.

I was not able to find any reviews on these TVs, choices are based solely on features.

Check out the Hitachi 65" sets, great sets....Why are you considering a HDTV with a built in tuner???..Most cable companies require use of their own set top box, making you redundant in having a built -in...not to say the extra $$$ you are shelling out

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